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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 20, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PST

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big night tonight for the oakland city council. they will decide how far they want to go to shut down future protests at the port of oakland that shut down the port. i'll explain in a live report. it's the black out everyone is talking about. why football fans think the power outage at candlestkar pk could not have come at a better time. a live look out in san francisco where it's pretty clear on this tuesday, december
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20th. you're watching nbc bay area. good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> we begin with developing news. police are warning residents in a san jose neighborhood to stay indoors as they search for carjacking suspect. >> we are learning the suspect may have stolen a second car. police are searching the neighborhood near seven tree blf boulevard in capitol expressway. police chased the man believed to be driving this car. he jumped out of the car and ran. we just learned he may have stolen a e second car. police say the man is armed and dangerous. at this point we've not heard of any injuries. oakland city leaders want to
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get tough the next time occupy protesters try to occupy the port. they kept dockers and workers off the dock for an entire day and police did nothing to intervene. >> reporter: they are expecting big crowds including some of the demonstrators who were there at the port of oakland who are saying they feel like their rights might be violated if they weren't allowed down at the port. the issue now, two city council members have come forward and sponsoring this new bill and saying that the problem is that it caused too much of the port and workers who couldn't get to work and truckers who just couldn't load or unload, all of this from the december 12th occupy oakland. police largely stood back. tonight they will consider a
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resolution to use whatever lawful tools to prevent shut down or disruptions. one of the sponsors did not necessarily point fingers at the mayor but he did say she could have done this before. he says now it's time for the council to act. we do have calls in the mayor's office. we haven't heard back from them yet. he asked occupy oakland to shut down. the mayor is supportive of this resolution. the crowd is expected to be pretty big. the city has approved to plans. the oakland tribune supports a second recall effort was launched out of concern.
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both petitions have until may 14th to gather close to 20,000 signatures. receiver initiatives collect the necessary signatures first will be put on the ballot for next year. a 7-year-old boy is in critical condition after he fell from a ski lift at lake tahoe this weekend. officials tell our sister station, kcra, the boy fell 60 feet. he was taken to a hospital where he received sur ed surgery to r skull pressure. his name or hometown have not been released. the city council is expected to consider new guidelines on when a stop sign can be installed at a dangerous intersection. the city wants to put a stop sign at bay road in gloria way where a 6-year-old was killed in september. it needs to meet guidelines to
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do so. if they had their own rules, the city could by pass the guidelines and install a stop sign now. detectives hope you might be able to help them catch the men who carried out a jewelry heist. they stormed into barney's jewelry yesterday. they were wearing black ski masks during the roob ri abbery last seen running west on rodriguez avenue. the yacht race coming to san francisco has hit rough waters. four environmental groups are filing appeals claiming the environmental impact report just approved by lawmakers comes us short. the city cannot move forward on planning and construction until the board of supervisors hears the appeal. a police chase comes to end in southern california and it's all caught oen tape.
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police chase man suspected of kidnapping a 4-year-old girl. when he tried to get back in the car officers rushed in and grabbed the girl from him. you see it here. the girl, luckily was not hurt, and she was returned to her mother a short time later. no word on whether the man is related to the girl. a close call for actor gerard butler. waves battered him while he was shooting a scene. he's not an experienced surfer. he was paddling out and trying to avoid larger waves when a large set emerged right in front of him. two waves washed over him and pushed him into some rocks. he was treated at stanford medical center and has been leased. you're pretty good if you start out the morning with a big parka and a scarf and then you can shed it. >> by mid-morning you're taking
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off the scarf and gloves. over the course of the next two hours, you will be able to get out of the jacket. what a gorgeous, gorgeous day over the golden gate bridge. a lot of people out there enjoying the nice weather. we'll see another cold one throughout the night, but not that bad when we you consider we don't have any rain in the forecast. let's get right to your weather headlines. not quite as cold. as we head through tomorrow, first official day of winter, we're going to stay nice and dry. we have this offshore flow set up that really isn't changing any time soon. holiday forecast coming up. i i think you ladies will like it. still ahead, wall street stages a come back today. we'll get a check of the k> a p santa claus. [ female announcer ] holiday plus cookies plus memories
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definitely good things happening on wall street this morning. the dow is up more than 300 points. >> reporter: good morning to you. it's really strong day on the market as we watch some of the characters from star wars opening up the nasdaq. we used to talk about kids on the nasdaq making a strong market, apparently it's wookies. they are celebrating the release of star wars. it will take on world of warcraft on the video game market. microsoft offering free wi-fi. the kid skypes underneath the words tlp. a website where santa sends your child a personalized message.
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>> hello jacob. i hope you've been a good little boy since last christmas. here we are. right now you are seven years old, is that right? >> reporter: that is right, santa. you can up load your child's name and pictures and details. include what they want and santa will read it right back. the website is portablenorthpole. i looked over the privacy policy and it looks reasonable. the website will know how hold your child is and that's about it. the body of north korere kom jung-il is lying instats. his son was among the visitors.
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north koreans will mourn for 11 days and all entertainment is banned p. house republicans are refusing to vote on the plan to extend tax cuts. a two month extension is just another quick fix. they are demanding senate come back from vacation and pass a full year extension. the white house is shaking its head. >> senate republicans coming out today saying, you know, please, to their colleagues. please, to the house republicans, pass this. it's crazy not to do this. >> the tax break expires at the end of the year. in san francisco the mayor will take part in fact lighting of the bill graham. this is the 27th year the city has held the traditional
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lighting ceremony. the eight day festival commemorates the rededication of the second jewish temple. heed lee is calling for a fl investigation into the power outages at candlestick park. the stadium went black twice. the nationally televised game was delayed almost 30 minutes in all. pg&e is looking into whether a blown transformer kaucause the outage. police officers say someone phoned in a bomb threat. the san francisco police didn't says it's an unfortunate situation, but high profile event sometimes do receive
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thets. they take all threats seriously and were very happy when such incidents end up without merit. that threat along with the blackouts could be a shining opportunity for the city of santa clara. they are reacting this morning to the power outages that left,000s of fans in the dark. monte francis is live with more on the story. >> reporter: the major says the blackouts are one more reason the team, 49ers, should build a stadium right here. the lights went out delaying the game by about 20 minutes. the lights came back on but there was another black out during the second quarter and the black out was traced to a transformer outside the stadium. the mayor says all of this makes the south bay look more attractive as a future home for the 49ers.
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he says santa clara runs its own power company and sdrundoesn't to rely on pg&e. >> even during the rolling blackouts that california experiences, santa clara was a beacon op light. >> reporter: the santa clara city council approved an $850 million loan to help fund a new stadium for the 49ers. the team says it wants to move here but the fate is in the hands of the nfl which is not yet officially committed to help fund the project. san francisco mayor is asking for a full investigation into what caused the blackouts. monte francis, nbc bay area news. thanks for the up date. traveling any time soon? americans spent a lot more on gas this year. a new report shows the average american household will have
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spent $4,200 on gasoline by the end of the year. the highest share in 30 years. on a positive note, gas prices in the bay area have dropped five cents in the past week and more than 20 cents since last month. the average price in san francisco for a gallon of gas 3 $ $3.61. millions of americans will be traveling and if you're stuck in an airport with a layover, you can get some sleep in style. the cost is $30 for the first hour and $7.15 every minute after that. daily news says nearly half of the reported 16,000 robberies in the first ten months of 2011
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involved high-tech devices. 70% ol all stolen cell phones are iphones. keep the phones safely tucked away. it's a mad dash to the finish for christmas shoppers and toys r us is helping procrastinators for staying the open 112 hours straight. they opened at 6:00 and will not close them until 10:00 christmas eve night. they will be offering last minute deals to get customers in the door one last time before christmas. a new line of toys is meant to make boys toys appeal to us girls. >> critics say it's reenforcing gender stereo types. they feature five female characters.
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lego dolls with cute clothes won't do much to teach girls anything. they say the larger block designs and feminine accessories that show girls like make believe more than building. why can't they like both? let's check the forecast now. >> you can do both outside. we have some gorgeous weather. many kids off for christmas break for the next couple of weeks and the rain low pressure not keep them indoors. we have some high clouds overhead. the clouds will help us from getting as cold this morning as we wake up tomorrow morning. you can see right now we have some fog that crept through the delta and it's pretty foggy. we have a half a mile of v visibili visibility. take a look another what the fog is doing to your temperature. 39 degrees in fairfield. elsewhere we have plenty of
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mid-50s out there. comfortable in san jose. 51 in santa cruz. through the afternoon temperatures will be tiebl climb. i want to point out some cities warming up. as a result of that sunshine coming in, we'll see temperatures a touch warmer. lots of sunshine. 53 in concord and 54 in fairfield. as head throughout the next couple of days, dry weather persis persists. lots of sunshine overhead. that will be the case as we head through tomorrow and thursday as well. a little bit cooler on thursday with a system of low pressure packed into the north. no rain in the forecast and we need it. we're running at about 40 to 50% of where we are averaged at this time of year. we need that rain. it just takes a couple good storms to make up the tote alto.
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until then, christmas, 64 degrees. a california christmas. i put the holiday lights on your palm trees because it's going to be 64 inland. 61 at the coast wp the white christmas, hope you like the frost. >> the kids get to ride the bikes. coming up, bryan stow's appearance on national tv since brain damage. what his friends are saying about the attack. ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
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♪ [ folksy whistling ] [ man ] quitting is a fight you can't let yourself lose.
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it can take many tries. but keep trying, you will beat smoking. honey, you okay? yeah, i'm fine. ♪ [ ukulele ] welcome back. sheer a live look over san jose. a beautiful day for your tuesday, cool and crisp. an nbc exclusive providing us with the first interview with bryan stow. the father of two is clearly still recovering from the brutal attack last march. he is unable to walk, barely able to talk and a third of his
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brain is said to be destroyed. doctors say he will be permanently disabled. his friends who were with him talked about kwhapd on nbc'si rock sent. >> he got punched in the side of his head. he was punched with a hay maker. >> when you say a hay maker. >> it was a running, huge, sweeping punch. >> a sucker punch from behind? >> yeah. first thing hit the ground was the back of his head. >> the two suspects in the beating have pleaded not to assault, battery and mayhem. the hearing is set for next month. christmas comes a few days early for some families in san francisco. families lined up for hours outside glide memorial church
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hoping their children will pick out a toy. they provided toys for almost 8,000 needy children. while that seemed like a lot, they are hoping to do more. they are still asking for donations of food and toys to make sure every family has a me y stmach>> e rv fse.deit 'lhtwe rig back. r
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we're continuing to follow developing news from the south bay this morning where police are warning residents in a south bay neighborhood to stay indoors after they search for a carjacking suspect. >> police are searching the neighborhood near seven tree and capitol expressway. a carjacking suspect was in the area. police chased the area believed to be driving this bmw. the man jumped out and ran. we just learned he may have stolen a second car and crashed into a police motorcycle. police say the man is armed and dangerous. at this point we've not heard of
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any injuries. we have a crew on the scene. take another look at the forecast. >> taking a live look at san jose. some high clouds overhead. we'll keep temperatures a touch warmer tonight. still going to be cold and still mild out through. 52 in napa. you can peel the layers off. we'll warm up to 62 inland today. 60 by the coast. holding onto sunshine and fair skies through your holiday weekend. my gift to you. a little early christmas present. the most expensive bank owned residential property in the country is right here in the bank area. >> the bank doesn't own it anymore. the $28 million pce tag was a bargain for the house in the city. the original price tag was $70 million back in 2008. six bedrooms, seven full
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bathrooms and 2,500 foot. so far no word on who bought it. >> crazy. >> thanks for being with us. [ terri ] my husband, hank, was always fun.
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never took life too seriously. 'til our son was born... that day, he bought life insurance. now, there's no way i could send our boy to college without it. if there was one thing i could say to hank,


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